Cinnatube Single Shot Dry Cow Tube

In the USA, the single shot Cinnatube® has been proven effective and comparable to conventional two shot treatments.



Cinnatube® is a natural,  non-antibiotic infusion in the form of a viscous paste. 

Cinnatube is comprised entirely of GRAS/FEMA-GRAS listed components. 

Cinnatube is a teat sealant that mimics the cow’s natural defence, the keratin plug, during the critical period. 

This defence mechanism is important as every case of mastitis develops from bacteria that have entered the udder via the teat sphincter 

and teat canal. 

Cinnatube provides a safe, non-antibiotic, physical barrier between the udder and the environment. 

Cinnatube is OMRI listed so can be safely used in organic production.